Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coffee, Making

A polite librarian should never empty the library's staff coffee pot.  Always leave one half-cup warming so that a coworker can get the pleasure of sifting the burned dregs through her teeth as she makes a fresh pot for you to enjoy.


Betty said...

At a particular branch in my city, it was the LA's job to make tea and coffee for breaks. The head librarian would ring a bell a certain number of times to let the lowly LA know that he/she should be putting the water on to boil and starting the coffee maker. Apparently the librarians were too busy to make their own coffee. Since I don't drink coffee and had no idea how to make a "good" pot, after one attempt I was informed I should just make tea. Now as a librarian I make a point of avoiding that branch because I hate the bell.

Anonymous said...

That's Draconian!
I make lousy tea or coffee ... my friends know to make their own when they come visit. [snicker snicker!]

Lea Christine said...

I work as a substitute librarian for the local city branches-- some of the fancier ones have Keurig coffee makers :)