Monday, September 26, 2005

Calendars, Posing nude in

If you decide to pose nude, or even semi-nude, in a calendar in order to raise money for your library, please make sure that you are hot enough to pull this off. Though there will undoubtably be a debate about whether or not making this type of calendar will help or hurt the already pathetic image of librarians, the real discussion should center around why on earth such a fetish as the 'sexy librarian' even exists in the first place. As a whole, we're so not hot. Now, nurses, that's a whole 'nother story. Those sexy vinyl nurses outfits with the short skirts and the 6-inch platforms are hot! What a profession!!


Loki said...

That's just wrong.

Sal said...

Did you see the TNT series 'The Librarian' starring Noah Wyle? Even when they find an attractive straight male to play the role, they have to make him a total wuss. It's pretty hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Catwoman was a librarian...

Anonymous said...

Librarians are typically smart women. Some men find that sexy.

Some librarians also look sexy, at which point I'm wanting to go to the library a LOT MORE.

One of my friends is a librarian lady around age 50. She recently suggested I come to the library and check out their new librarian.

Yowza, wowya, she's hot, smart, and likes me. She was way more enthusiastically helpful than her job requires.

I'm a computer programmer, so I know way way around a library just fine. However, I played dumb so I could get extra help and enjoy a bit more of her time.

She made me promise to come back to the library more often. I already intended to.


Anonymous said...

P.S. - librarians ususally have friendly personalities, and they can date patrons if they want to.

Nurses can vary from friendly to downright bitchy. Even if they are friendly, they get hit on by to many guys. That's to much competition. I can compete for a nurse, but why? I've had nurse friends and I heard lots of complaining about men patients hitting on them. I don't recall any of them saying they liked it.

The libarians aren't getting enough action and so I think they're more receptive to some male attention.

Then too, a female friend of mine who is a receptionist in a doctor's office told me that the newish federal privacy laws make it illegal, or at least highly unadvisable, for a nurse to date a patient. So nurses are off limits, or more accurately, we are off limits to them.

So libarians are clearly a better choice.

I saw somewhere else something about people's perceptions of young librarians. My perception is I want to date them.


Anonymous said...

Well It might do well as its real . what I mean by real is they aren't using the super models made up like librarians the girls in the calendar actually look like real librarians.