Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Library newsletters, Wasting time writing

No one reads the library newsletter you spent so much time and wit creating. No one subscribes to your library's RSS feed. No one reads your library's blog. Your time would be better spent drinking coffee and playing solitaire on your computer.


Suzanne said...

I read the blog! I subscribe to the RSS feed. But then I am a nobody. Your humor, so dry I have to drink water after every sentence. I laugh through the pain.

I'll harass you endlessly with comments so you don't lose the will to blog. OK?

dustystacks said...

I too am a nobody. One who is in charge of writing our newsletter and updating the informational log no one reads. How droll. But it makes me look busy every day!

Mindy Kittay said...

I also read the blog and subscribe to the RSS feed. I have set up a blog for our library employees to use and of course I am almost the only one who ever posts - and I doubt if they even read my posts. I think maybe my family checks it out once in a while ;0)

Vampire Librarian said...

Just start writing about the stuff everyone is really interested in-- the gossip, and then they'll start reading and then you'll have to stop writing because you don't want to get sued or beat up and that will be that. I didn't even tell anyone I had a blog, but they found it anyway and told me they read it. I was not happy.

stmu said...

Solitare? Gold farming in World of Warcraft might be a better, choice, and completing the library quests (hunting down missing books). Really, computer generated realities need your library support to.

Anonymous said...

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