Saturday, September 24, 2005

Lay people, Speaking to

Occassionally you may be required to speak with someone (personally or professionally) who is not a librarian. Be mindful that these people may not understand what ALA is. Nor may they know what ILS their own library uses, or even what an ILS is. They may not be familiar with a CMS or portals. Or MARC. Or LCSH. DDC. Or SLA. Metadata. ILL. SUDOC.

If you talk to non-librarians using these words, people will think you are a geek. And they will be right.


Melinda said...

Heee! This just about made me pee in my sensible librarian slacks. (Is that good etiquette?)

Anonymous said...

It is quite amusing to think that a librarian would mistake a set of acronyms for actual words. Don't you read? there is a difference my friend - perhaps the term 'Lay people' is closer to home than you may think.