Monday, September 12, 2005

Passwords, On storage for later retrieval and use

If you have trouble remembering your lengthy list of username-and-password combinations for all of your work-related websites (nevermind your Blogger username, which you're used to just logging you in automatically, until one day, it doesn't...and you have to dig really deep to remember it), you have two choices: 1) keep a Word Doc with all of your passwords, and risk having some bottom-feeding co-worker run up the Dialog tab on your login or 2) use the same password for everything. Just make sure it's not a stupid password like '69librarian69' because the IT guys have access to all that stuff and they'll gossip about you.

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Twerpette said...

(I see the spammers have hit you too.) Here's what I do: Keep my passwords in Outlook or Entourage in a Notes file; thus I always have a current list to refer to or print if necessary. I don't use the same password for everything, for security reasons; I prefer a creative variety to a predictable monotony.