Friday, November 18, 2005

Browsers, Being evangelical about

Make all of your coworkers aware of which browser you endorse. Bring it up often in case people forget. Frame every discussion in terms of your preferred browser: "But have you looked at the online catalog through Netscape?" Realize that other people may not appreciate your browser like you do and that it is your responsibility to enlighten them. Go forth and spread the gospel. And while you're at it, launch an aggressive campaign to make all the library's public workstations reflect your browser preference too.

Editor's note: This post created with Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7.


Suzanne said...


(as I quietly type in my own Mozilla 1.07, and email my friends in Thunderbird)

Why are the clueless so loud about it?

J said...

Firefox Rox! I have an install of Firfox on my USB drive that I install on public computers that don't have Firefox available.

I'm sure the sys admins LOVE me!!