Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Food in the library, Policing

Put your master's degree to good use by chasing undergraduates through the library for their blatant disregard of your food policy.

As coffee shops are becoming the norm in today's libraries, many institutions are rethinking those food policies. Be sure to keep some restrictions on food and drinks so that you'll still have something to be annoying about.

"No lid on your coffee cup, young man?!"

"Is that a spillproof container?!"

"Is that thermos ALA-approved!?"


stmu said...

I think just the opposite would be a good idea. Put your Sirsi or whatever ILS to use in new and exciting ways. Use it to track inventory like pre-packaged microwaveable hamburgers and donors, or Bawls, soda, heck even beer. Then let students "sign out" the food item, charge them a replacement fee ('cause you really don't want it back) and generate funds for your library.

If they are going to eat in the library it might as well help pay for that extra staff person you always wanted.

Wild Librarian said...

"Lids? We don't need no stinkin' lids."

tiny robot said...

You could always train rats to reshelve books. After a steady diet of student leftovers, the rats will become quite large. You might even be able to persuade them to work for free.

Beth Gallaway said...

your CD-Rom tray may double as a coffee cup holder...

Anonymous said...

At the public library, we had an extended family breaking their Ramadan fast in the children's section. The feast was spread out on the plastic kiddie-tables. Mom was there for an ESL class, so since she wouldn't be home to serve the feast, she just brought it to the library to break out at sundown.

Anonymous said...

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