Tuesday, November 15, 2005


When filling a vacancy for a staff position in the library, make sure to hire the first bozo who walks through the door, qualified or not. This will make your short-term crisis of having to hire someone easier, though long-term effects might not manifest themselves for years. God forbid you embrace common management techniques like calling references and holding multiple rounds of interviews. And when you find out that your prized employee(s) have been doing the work wrong for years, you'll be able to take credit for that, you overcompensated moron, you.


Wild Librarian said...

Do you really care if that person is qualified? Come on. Hire any 'ol bloke willing to work for you just so they can get the tuition benefits, ahem, I mean have the opportunity for a career change.

miriam sawyer said...

Reference checking doesn't work. Most people will only verify dates of employment and compensation.

The worst employee I ever had was given glowing references. So was the second worst.