Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Food, Stinking up the whole damn library with your

Occasionally you may need to eat lunch in your office. Close your door so the smell doesn't choke everyone in the library. And PLEASE... take your leftovers, food wrappers, and other smelly trash to an outdoor trash can. There is no reason anyone else in the library should have to smell your microwavable corndogs, Lean Cuisine linguine, or leftover fried fish.

And don't pop microwave popcorn unless you make enough for everyone. Mmm, popcorn smells so good.


Sal said...

I always eat at my desk and I buy the stinkiest food possible because I loath my co-workers. It's a tiny victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Shannon said...

At my library, in the eight years I've worked here, the only time I have ever been able to eat lunch outside the library was when I had someone cover the lunch hour for me and I took personal leave. 99.4% of my job gnoshing has been done at my desk and I eat whatever I am hungry for. I figure if it's annoying to the patrons, maybe they will complain to the Board and they'll actually let me close the library down for lunch. (I work in a 2-person library, both of us part-time.)

Anonymous said...

Personally, my favorite thing to do is to get this pasta that contains heavy doses of garlic and alfredo sauce. It drives my supervisor up the wall, and amuses me to no end.
Recently though, eating in the office when I'm off the clock is forbidden, so what I like to do is... well... maybe it's best I don't say here.
S/he could be keeping tabs.

Anonymous said...

How about setting your office on fire WITH a bag of popcorn?